Budokan Snow Camps – October 31st / December 19th – Les Diablerets (SUI) Snowpark Glacier 3000 (SUI)

If you are looking for some early season shred this is the spot !

The Glacier 3000 snowpark will open its doors on Saturday October 31st and the Chalet Budokan will be open for business if you need a cheap place to crash.
Located in the ski resort of Les Diablerets, the Chalet Budokan is not your common hostel … it’s a must to visit for all shredders.

For only 35.- a night, this 50 bed chalet is fully equipped and has all the necessities at disposal to satisfy riders looking to hit the Swiss Alps.

The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled, open to all riders ready to have a good time or willing to get away for a little bit. Day and night sessions get organized in the indoor mini ramp or in the backyard shred park on the regular. For those who just want to hang out and have a fun time, they can always chill at the lounge, listen to some good music, while socializing with the other great people that come to visit the Chalet Budokan.

The BUDOKAN SNOWCAMPS 2015 are happening from October 31st till Decembre 19th 2015 so if you want to check out the place just feel free to contact us on our Demonium Dmc, or per mail budokan@demonium.ch, or directly per phone +41 787 526 048.

More information:

Hotline: +41 787 526 048

mail: budokan@demonium.ch

site: www.demonium.ch


For more information and for registrations feel free to contact us :

Hotline: +41 787 526 048
Email: budokan@demonium.ch



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